• Wendy Bounds - Shunt replacement surgery is being rescheduled

  • Sandra Caballero - Angiogram went well

  • John Cannon - Seeking prayers for his 4 children who will not see or talk to him

  • Ruth Hunt - Recovering from surgery at home now

  • Nina Johnson - Prayers for spiritual strength and my family

  • Lillie Monaghan - Asking prayer

  • David Muzechenko - Cancer treatments

  • Maria Rodriguez - Requests prayers for her granddaughter, Dallas Moore, who has cancer and also her cousin, Lina Lopez, who has cancer as well

  • Mike Sharp - Yvette is sick

  • Irma Statum - continued prayers for family

  • Evangelina Tomas - Has been very sick and spent six days in the hospital last week with complications of asthma.  She will be going in for some tests tomorrow, April 5th, to prepare for upcoming surgery.  

  • Pat Winslow - Shoulder replacement surgery on May 7th


  • Delaney Baker - continued pain issues

  • Harold and Rita Ballard - Health issues

  • Pam Barnes - Kidney issues   

  • Jim Bell - Health Issues - Brighter Days Assisted Living, 406 E. Clayton St., Dayton, TX 77535 (936-257-5023)

  • Mickie and Laura Buchanan - Health issues

  • Wayne Campbell - Health issues

  • Ginger Comer - Heart A-fib and assperillius of the lungs

  • Linda Delome - Nerve pain treatments

  • Ruby Eddins - Health issues & caring for sister with Alzheimer’s

  • Quenton Farr - Continued prayers for family and son, Isaiah

  • Bob & Mary Latten - Health issues

  • Buz Reynolds - ALS

  • Judy Sessions - Send cards to Autumn Grove Cottage at Eagle Springs, 5500 Atascocita Road, Humble, TX  77346. (281) 446-3421

  • Yvette Sharp - Rehab

  • Rose Trevena - Had test done and waiting for the results

  • Johnny Wood - Health issues


  • Alexandra Adams - July 18th - boy

  • Alyssa Alamia - June 26th - boy

  • Jill Hudson - October 22nd


David Muzechenko was baptized April 10th before Wednesday evening services. Welcome David! 


It saddens us to announce the passing of our beloved Iva Linda Haynes Thursday morning (4/11) at 4:30 a.m. Linda will be cremated and there will be a memorial service for her here at LHCOC on April 23rd at 4:00 p.m.